SGI parenting with penalties for stolen vehicles

As a child, if you left your bike unattended outside and it was stolen, your parents were mad, not only because of the theft, but because you didn’t listen to the warning they had probably given you 100 times — lock it up or lose it. A stolen children’s bike meant a financial burden for mom and dad, if they were nice enough to replace the bike you forgot to take care of in the first place, or for you, depending on how badly you wanted to be riding around on two wheels again.

But apparently it’s not just children that need to be reminded of the lesson. In Saskatchewan, three of every five vehicle thefts are a result of keys being left inside the car. Meaning 60 per cent of stolen vehicles are the result of a driver being too busy or careless with their keys.

Though not quite a flashing neon sign, for someone looking for a joy ride, keys left inside a vehicle are definitely an invitation.

So, like a parent trying to get a message across to a defiant child, SGI is considering penalties for drivers whose vehicles are stolen with the keys inside.

SGI says it is in discussions with police about implementing fines or penalties for those drivers who lose their vehicles because the keys were inside.

The discussion comes as a stolen truck crashed in Saskatoon June 19. A 22-year-old man, the driver of the stolen vehicle, was pronounced dead at the scene. The stolen truck rammed a police cruiser before colliding with a vehicle at Circle Drive and Airport Drive.

While the vehicle owner didn’t crash the truck, leaving the keys inside made it easy pickings for someone looking to commit a crime and led to the death of one and injuries for others.

And what makes people think more than something that hits their pocketbooks?