Two area roads return to CAA Worst Roads list

The CAA Saskatchewan Worst Roads 2017 campaign started April 3 and once again two area roads are sitting in the top 10.

In week two of the campaign, Highway 354 at Dilke is ranked third and Highway 322 at Silton is sitting in fifth.

As of April 11, approximately 1,685 votes have been received for nominated ‘worst roads’ in Saskatchewan. Typically, the ‘worst roads’ have cracks, crumbling pavement, potholes or craters, poor or no signage, traffic congestion, and lack of cycling or walking infrastructure.

The top 10 list, as of week two is:

First – Saskatchewan 155 La Loche (Ranked ninth in 2016 CAA Worst Roads Campaign)

Second – Highway 21 Paradise Hill

Third – Saskatchewan 354 Dilke (Ranked first in 2016 and 2015 CAA Worst Roads Campaigns)

Fourth – Saskatchewan 26 Loon Lake

Fifth – Saskatchewan 322 Silton (Ranked third in 2016 CAA Worst Roads Campaign)

Sixth – Saskatchewan 35 Love

Seventh – Saskatchewan 349 Naicam

Eighth – Saskatchewan 47 Springside (Ranked sixth in 2016 CAA Worst Roads Campaign)

Ninth – Saskatchewan 51 Kerrobert (Ranked second in 2016 CAA Roads Roads Campaign)

Tenth – Saskatchewan 45 Delisle

The number one problem identified by voters is potholes. The current ranking order for voting road users is drivers, followed by cyclists, motorcyclists, and then pedestrians.

In 2016, the CAA Worst Roads campaign attracted 4,298 votes. The total number of votes in the 2015 campaign was 4,556 with 4,651 votes tabulated in 2014, 2,800 votes in the 2013 campaign and 2,900 votes received in the 2012 campaign.

Results of the 2017 CAA Saskatchewan Worst Roads campaign will be shared in early May with the general public, decision makers and government officials.

The annual campaign is designed to put a spotlight on troublesome and even dangerous road conditions in the province and is a tool to help address those roads in most need of attention.